How Europe is wasting a golden chance in Turkey

As Erdogan is trying to “deal” with Taksim demostrators (with a questionable degree of success), Germany has decided to force the EU to call of the bilateral meeting expected on June the 26th. This could become a wasted opportunity in changing Eu-Turkish relationship dynamics.

European Union is discrediting itself. Yes, the European Union must condemn Erdogan’s reaction to Taksim demonstrations, but it’s too late for this kind of response. 3 weeks is more than enough time to express discontent over Turkish government reaction. The fact is that German authorities can’t claim that they ignored what Turkey had been up to, or that they were unaware about the very nature of the Turkish state.

It’s true, Turkey is probably not an example of a democratic state where civil liberties are respected. It’s a reality that the European authorities have always been aware of this, but it has never prevented “negotiations” from taking place.

The European Union is doing wrong by turning the back on the Turkish government. Germany’s reaction may obey to electoral reasons, but they should consider how much damage it can make to EU-Turkish relationship. Today, more than ever, the European Union has a great opportunity to reduce their differences by working side by side with both the Turkish government and the civil society.

This could be a great opportunity to prove that the objective of EU-Turkish talks are not the talks themselves but to achieve an actual result.

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